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 Vasilios Freeware
is a non-profit software developer
Applications &  programs that can be found  in this site, are all  Freeware.
all applications of this site
are hosted by:


the Greek portal

Vasilis Stamatopoulos
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Who is behind Vasilios Freeware ?

  • My name is Vasilis Stamatopoulos  and I' m behind Vasilios Freeware
   ( In fact, I am Vasilios Freeware ).

  • I'm always constructing applications that are useful for my programming jobs.
   When I think that some of them can be helpful to someone else, I beautify them
   and I publish them.

  • Until 2004, I was constructing applications with an interface, tool tips and help files
   in my native language (Greek) that they were publishing in my country's Computer
   Magazines and they were offered from Greek Web Sites.

  • In 2004 I decided to turn worldwide.

  • I believe in Freeware for all, that's why you will find here only that kind of Applications .