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Instant Memory Cleaner 7.12
Known issue with Windows XP error message


In some Windows XP SP2 and Vista machines have been reported a problem with an "Invalid argument to date/time encode" error message. This error box when an error occurs isn't a great deal of help usually. Probably Microsoft's Clearmem.exe (something that Instant Memory Cleaner, uses as it says so) conflicts with another application installed in the system, or from a corrupted file.
Recently a report about the way that the problematic Operating System is understanding the date: YYYY/MM/DD instead of DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY, might be the reason.

As a solution try this :
•  Follow the instructions for Windows XP installations ( Check your Paging File ) in my webpage.

if this does not work, try this :
•  Uninstall first your installation of Instant Memory Cleaner in your computer and download Instant Memory Cleaner 7.12 from my official server.
•  Unzip it and install.

if this also does not work and you insist to find out what is happening, try this :
•  Change the Date/Time settings of your system from YYYY/MM/DD to DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY.
•  Run Instant Memory Cleaner in Safe Mode to be sure if it conflicts with another application running in the background.

Please feedback to me if the problem resolved with some of the above proposals (or with another way) in order to announce it from here.

Thank you in advance,

Vasilis Stamatopoulos
Vasilios Freeware

System Requirements :  Windows XP / Vista
Size : 1,80 Mb