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Text Editing Assistant 8.2

Clever tools to assist your text editing work.

Text Editing Assistant is a collection of tools that will make your text editing work more easy.

The leading executable is a stand-alone one while using at the same time Internet Explorer's code engine (version 5.5+ is required).


Most of the tools are based on Java Script and its flexibility, to produce results that you can use while working on a document's construction. Some of them have been found in the Net offered by their authors as freeware or for non-commercial use ( Text Editing Assistant is freeware ) and they've been modified accordingly, to work as a compact tool under the Text Editing Assistant's application main idea.

Tools of Text Editing Assistant:

» ASCII and HTML characters
» Calculator for advanced use
» Calendar
» Count a difference in percent
» Hexadecimal color codes
» Metrics Converter
» Number to words transformer
» On-line editing
» Text files joiner
» Upper-Lower cases converter

System Requirements :  Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Size : 2,14 Mb